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Why Surf

A group of cheerful children standing in front of a bus

The Surf Ghana is a collective that uses the practice of extreme sports as a driver for diversity in education, social inclusion, and empowerment of the youth.

Children looking at a skating tutor

Surf Ghana is a voice of diversity which pushes a narrative of freedom and self-expression creating a counter – culture a platform for the Youth.

The collective also wants to improve physical and mental health. For example in Ghana, the life expectancy is currently 63 years while in Europe is 81 years.

We think skateboarding and surfing can offer full body workout and reduce major health problems in Ghana like diabetes and obesity.

We also create a platform for local artists to promote a culture of tolerance, respect and peace and celebrate African young creatives. We teamed up with talented local artists like Art Soul Kojo, Ahmed Partey, David Alabo, Awo Tsegah.

Our main goal is to create a sport ecosystem which could benefit sport athletes and Ghana as a tourist destination.

Our next project is to create the first skatepark in Ghana in 2020: A safe space to practice sport and to connect the youth through art.