Skate Tour

Group of male skaters
A group of cheerful children standing in front of a bus

Surf Ghana aims to support and contribute to an easy access to Board sports and practices for all Ghanaians. Every year, we encourage the youth to practice sports to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing through a road-trip organised in Ghana.We invite on board 20 skateboarders to share their passion and teach 1000 Children how to skate, and filmmakers, photographers to document our project.

It always creates a unique magic formula and always delivers surprising results. We consider that Genuine collaboration encourages our members to focus on their super-power and contribute to improve their leadership.

A team of young Ghanaians students or entrepreneurs, all skateboarding with a purpose 2 tro tro - 10 stops20 skateboarders - 500 give aways1000 skate lessons - 10 videos episodes on Instagram & 200 photos.