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A Skatepark for Accra

The skate house

The first safe space to practice extreme sports with a dedicated coaching program & Wi-fi café to empower the youth of Ghana.

Why a Skatepark

The work of our collective is guided by Sustainable Development Goals with an urgent and immediate focus on:

- Good health and well being
- Quality education
- Gender equality
- Decent work and economic growth

A skatepark to improve physical and mental health

- Skateboarding provides flexibility and offers full body work out. It gives physical endurance and teaches precision, improves coordination, helps to burn calories. This sport teaches consequences, practice and patience.

- Skateboarding can reduce or eliminate risks for many health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

- Skateparks provide healthy activity for kids and help eliminate boredom and drug use.

- Skateparks provide a positive environment for young people where they forge friendships, camaraderie and push themselves against each other in their sports.

At the skatepark, children will find a fun, safe community where they can play and learn, free from discrimination and violence.

Within a diverse peer group, they will come to understand themselves as equal with others, while learning new skills and building friendships.

To create a youth leadership program for social change

Surf Ghana collective is designed with the goal of expanding opportunities for youth leadership and active citizenship towards a more inclusive Ghanaian society.

In particular, the project plans to provide over 10 000 young people with improved knowledge and skills needed for effective social change leadership. The project plans also to enhance opportunities for young leaders to apply leadership skills through the development and implementation of youth-led social change initiatives.

The ability to take part in sport and creative activities builds students' confidence, self-esteem, and provides a valuable platform for self-expression.

→ 20 news opportunities of sustainable jobs : sport coach, skatepark manager, art curator, event manager, restaurant manager, hostel manager, sport photographer, sport filmmaker, sport journalist, sport store manager, artisan for skateboarding equipment etc…

→ In partnership with brands and association, the collective plan to organize 24 workshops per year to empower 500 children and adolescents through sport and art activities.

Put Accra on the map!

- Skateboarding is officially a discipline of 2020 Olympic Games with 85 Millions practicing

- Skateboarding is a $1,94 Billion Market

- Over 3 500 Skateparks Worldwide*- In Ghana, 57% of the population under the age of 25

About Trade fair:

- A central location easily accessible by public transport and by road

- An area already recognized by the skateboarders

- The collective teaches every week-end skateboarding at Trade fair.

A Sport eco-system to create

- 38% of the youth is out of school (upper secondary school) vs France 5% for example (source UNESCO;org)- Average salary in Ghana: 700 GHS/month (115€)

Private Sports club: 200 GHS/month (32€)A skateboard costs 250 GHS (42€) the equivalent of 35% of the average salary in Ghana

A Co-working space: 30 GHS/day or 400 GHS/month the equivalent of 57% of the average salary

Children with a surfing tutor
The skate house

- No Internet unlimited package: 1 Go 5 GHS or 15 GO the equivalent of 150 GHS/month (25€/Month) calculated on a normal usage basis of social media (source MTN).

- Ghana is also suffering of the increase of drug hubs and domestic violence.

- 1 in 5 Ghanaians experience Mental health problems. (Source (

- West Africa has the lower road density and quality (18,3% of paved road only) And Africans road are the deadliest in the world (source international road federation)


- Most of the tools and services created in Ghana are not affordable for the youth

- Sport infrastructure is luxury. Non-existence of a skateboarding federation

- No qualified sport instructors (non-existence of certification)

- Drug trafficking s increasingA fragile Mental health

- Street skateboarding is really dangerous